Casino Play

We may not have a players club but we make up for it with loose slots, a great environment, and non-stop promotions. Our 75 machine floor offers a more intimate way to game. Our size ensures that bartenders can pay the appropriate level of attention to our patrons. We have a suited royal progressive on our bar tops that a lot of locals enjoy, as well as keno and other games to play while at the bar. Our slot selection includes many great games like Wheel of Fortune ($0.25), Little Green Men, old fashioned video poker, video slots, and keno.

Regency Promotions

Last Card Standing

Our newest promotion is a four of a kind card elimination.  We have 13 cards, 2 through A, posted on the wall behind our bar.  As players hit a four of a kind that card will be removed from the wall upon verification by a bartender.  The player that hits the final four of a kind on the wall will receive a bonus payout.  This promotion has been moving quickly!  Ask a bartender for more information.

Card of the Month

Get four of a kind in the current card of the month on a video poker game to instantly win extra cash!  Call a Regency Casino bartender or manager over to your machine to verify the four of a kind and receive a special promotional payout on the spot.  Cash awards are $20 for playing max bet on $0.25, $40 with max coin on $0.50, and $60 with max coin on $1.00.  Check with a bartender for the current card of the month.  Full promotion rules are posted and may also be obtained from a bartender or manager.

Four to the Royal

Miss a natural royal flush by 1 card and you are eligible to be entered into our monthly drawing.  Have a bartender or manager verify your four to the royal to have your name entered to win $100.  The drawing is held on the first of the month.  If the prize is not claimed within seven days it will roll over to the next month’s drawing.  Visit a Regency Casino bartender or manager for more information and official rules.


A new keno promotion is in the works!  Check back for updates.

Regency Pool


Best Pool Tables in the Area

We have three brand new, tournament sized, Diamond pool tables with infrared guided balls.  These are the best tables out there.  Come play a few rounds of pool and enjoy the Regency’s atmosphere.  The pool tables are conveniently located right next to our bar.